New-Tech Magazine Jan 2023 | DIgital Edition

MEET TODAY’S PRODUCT LAUNCH CHALLENGES Arena PLM helps get your products to market quicker. With increasing product complexity and global product teams, you need a way to simplify and streamline high-tech product development and launch processes. Creating, sharing, reviewing, and approving product designs across dispersed internal teams and supply chain partners is critical to your success. Arena’s cloud-based product lifecycle management (PLM) meets the challenge by bringing your entire product record into a single source of truth to connect people, product information, and processes anytime and anywhere. Join over 1,300 global companies using Arena to: • Streamline NPDI processes and speed product launches • Ensure accuracy with a central product record (mechanical, electrical, and software)

• Eliminate build errors, shortages, scrap, and rework • Reduce operational costs and increase profitability • Speed engineering change cycle time • Simplify regulatory compliance

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